Snokeling with Mantas on Nusa Lembongan in Bali

What to see & do

Nusa Lembongan is situated 30min from Bali and is surrounded by the beautiful ocean, so the best thing to do is explore it. You can explore the underwater world by snorkeling or for the more adventures try out diving. But if you are a frequent diver this is definitely your island to discover. One of the biggest attractions are the Manta Rays, you can see them all year around if you are lucky!


The whole family loves to snorkel so make this one of your highlights when you come to Nusa Lembongan. You can go off in the morning and return by lunchtime, share the boat or rent a private one so you can decide where to go. Snorkeling with the manta rays is a must do but please be aware that they are wild animals and don`t like to be touched but just admired. They come really close to you if you stay still! on top of that, we have some spots around the island where you can still see beautiful, colorful coral. So don`t miss out and book your snorkel trip with your stay at "Royal Retreat Villas Lembongan".



Scuba Diving

Nusa Lembongan is situated in the golden coral triangle and offers the ideal spot for frequent divers to see the beautiful underwater world. All year around you have the chance to dive with manta rays if the conditions are not too rough. And over the months of June until September you can come and maybe see the famous mola-mola. But not to worry if you never took the plunge, you can start and get your PADI certificate in one of the many dive shops located on the island.




Fishing Trips

Go out in the early morning and return with lunch. A local fisherman who knows the best spots around Lembongan and Penida can take you out to the best spots. In between the islands you have a big stream where you are able to catch some serious fish, like tuna, trevally and more. If you didn't bring your own fishing gear we can provide it for you so you can enjoy a morning on the ocean.





Island Tours

Want to see what the island has to offer and take home the best snapshots to show of to the family? Take an island tour and discover "Devils Tears", seaweed farms, yellow bridge, sunset point and much more ...
Or go over to the mangroves and take a boat trip through the water forest. There are so many spots to see that this can be a must do!




Banana Boat rides

Get your adrenaline going and have fun with the entire family! Be a kid again!
Hop on board on one of the many Banana boats and get pulled around in Lembongan Bay or the mangrove area. Watch as the beautiful water passes by and you might even
glimpse a dolphin!